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The Clean Sponge

The Clean Sponge

The Clean Sponge


Simply use it like a regular sponge and when it gets gross just toss it in the laundry. Check out the video below to see it in action. 


The Clean Sponge drys out six times faster than a standard sponge, resisting bacterial growth without chemicals or toxic additives, just science.


Stop rubbing weeks of germs all over your clean dishes and utensils. Stop filling landfills with never ending trash. And stop buying obsolete sponges that are just going to smell in a week!

 The Clean Sponge is a simple solution to an age old problem. Wash it when it's dirty. So ditch that nasty, wet, bacteria and mold growing sponge and upgrade to a Clean Sponge.  No more trash, no more stubborn germs and all without chemicals!

How it works

Our Vision

The Clean Sponge is a place to focus on world cleanliness, or "The Clean Dream" as we call it. Air without pollution, water without chemicals and products built to actually LAST, reducing waste while improving your experience. 

Throwing a sponge away every month is unsustainable. With so many products being built for the dump, the Clean Sponge provides a better option that maintains our planet for generations to come. 

If you believe in a company devoted to sustainability get your first Clean Sponge, share our cause or just like us on Facebook! (it's free)

The Clean Sponge is one small step towards a cleaner world we are excited to share and we hope you will join us.

Thank you,

The Clean Team

The Clean dream

Not convinced?

Check out what our customers have to say.

A great upgrade to cleaning the dishes

"We previously just used a wash cloth for dishes and this is so much better. Scrubbing feature is excellent and doesn't damage pots and pans. I leave mine unfolded on the center divider in the sink and it's great. This is so much better than the dingy old sponges of the past."

-Jonathan R.

Definitely Clean

"I've been using my clean sponge for over a month now and am very pleased with the quality of the material, and my ability to keep it clean and dry. It is easy to rinse, wash, and dry. The material is a little stiff at first, but give it a few uses and it will soften up a little. Great product!"


Cleaning like a Boss

"Use my Clean Sponge mostly for surface cleaning, and it works great. No more paper towels or old socks and t-shirts being used, now I can sacrifice my old rags to bike and car cleaning."


Give the Gift of Cleanliness

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Spread the word

We get it!

Maybe now's not the time for you, but a like or share can keep trash out of the landfill. Spread the word!