10 things you've always wanted and now need with kids

So you think having kids means poopy diapers and sleepless nights? Well it does.. but here’s a list of toys to make it all better.

1. Wireless headphones -  Hearing protection from baby screams or a companion as you podcast on lonely walks. An extra set of hands as you make calls while prepping meals. And finally personal time to watch a movie without waking the sleeping baby in your arms. Here's an affordable suggestion I have used for two years or a more premium option. 

2. Yeti Rambler - nobody likes spoiled milk and that is especially true for your little bundle of joy. The Yeti Rambler will keep precious breast milk cool between feedings and within quick reach to top a bottle off. Our child loved cold milk so we stored a full bottle in our koozie in the fridge and when it was time to feed just took the whole thing up to her room like a hand held fridge. Pour in what she would drink and save the rest for next time.

3. Slippers - Settle in, get comfy! Because you’re probably not going to leave your house much any more. But if you do you can wear slippers in public now! My personal favorite: the LLBean Wicked Good Moccasin


4. Alexa - or other audio controlled devices because: “Alexa, play Disney Pandora, set a two hour laundry timer, remind me that snack is in half an hour, order more formula, turn the lights off.. you get the idea.

5. Scrubby gloves - ahh bath time, that moment when you pull the perfect temp water, sprinkle toys everywhere and wrestle a screaming soapy child into submission without getting soap in their eyes. Get yourself a pair of these and all you have to do is hang on for the ride! Fingers scrub perfect along eyebrows while your hands conform to every other wriggling appendage.

6. Spill proof mug - spilling coffee is never a good thing. Spilling coffee on your baby.. even worse. Doesn’t matter if she tips it over on herself. It’s your fault. She drinks from a spill proof sippy and now you do too. Keeps the stroller clean on those morning walks and the neighbors won’t judge you on the evening walks when it’s full of wine.

7. White noise sleep machine - Soundscape uniformity encourages a restful relaxing environment for proper brain development and consider a second one for your baby while you’re at it.

9. Air conditioner - The hippie in me hates the idea of wasting energy for comfort, but when you’re worried about SIDS on a hot summer day, that goes out the window. Just so happens mental comfort comes with physical comfort too.

10. Giant comfy rocking chair - official parent status means it is now acceptable to sleep in a chair. In fact sometimes it’s required. So take the kiddo to a furniture store and test em out. Side note: wear your slippers.


Bonus Item:  Germs are your enemy as a parent and your sponge is smearing them across the dishes you eat from. Check out The Clean Sponge! This sponge / washcloth can be sent through the laundry for hundreds of fresh uses instead of trashing it and even sterilized in the microwave between uses. No Trash, no germs, no hassle. https://www.getcleansponge.com/ 

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