No more stinky sponges!

Transforms into a dishcloth for drying and rinsing

Ditch that nasty, wet, bacteria and mold growing sponge and upgrade to a Clean Sponge. No more trash, no more stubborn germs,  no more food debris you can't get out of there!

Dries out six times faster

The Clean Sponge drys out six times faster than a standard sponge, resisting bacterial growth without chemicals or toxic additives. The first sponge that can open up to wash out food debris. When it gets gross just toss it in the laundry, and its clean again!
twelve sponges equals one Clean Sponge




Stop wasting money buying sponge after sponge every month. Stop filling landfills with never ending trash. Stop rubbing weeks of germs all over your clean dishes and utensils, yuck!
The Clean Sponge is a simple solution to an age old problem. How do you keep your family safe from nasty germs without using harmful cleaning products and creating unnecessary waste? The Clean Sponge. It's as simple as that.